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RWP restructures its teaching from ST 2020 onwards!


Starting in the summer term 2020, the RWP's course offerings will be restructured in terms of time. In future, both our Bachelor and Master courses will take place in a new chronological sequence. During the transition phase (ST 2020, WT 2020/21) we will offer our practical courses in addition to the new dates also on the old dates so that students who have already planned their curriculum can stick to their plans.

The restructuring of our course offerings has various motives:

  • We would like to ensure the best possible coordination of our courses. This will make it easier for students to attend several courses offered by RWP and our partners in practice during one term (especially those that have synergies in content). In future, this will be possible without overlapping schedules.
  • With the new sequence of our courses we improve the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application. In the first half of each term Prof. Sellhorn will deal with basics and theories, which will then be deepened in the practical courses by Prof. Plendl and Prof. Aders in the second half of each term. This gives all students the opportunity to gain both theoretical and practical insights into accounting specific topics during one semester.
  • We would like to give our practical courses a higher weighting than before and therefore, we have decided, together with the ISC, to increase the weighting of practical courses from 2 SWS (3 ECTS) to 4 SWS (6 ECTS).

You can find more information on the restructuring here.