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Announcement: Test run for online exams scheduled at 04.06.2020


In the current summer term 2020 all our exams will be online exams (Bachelor: International Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation - retake exam, Accounting & Finance* - retake exam, Master: Accounting for M&A Transactions). You can find detailed informationen for each course on LSF (and Moodle). Jointly with the ISC, the RWP offers all students a participation in a test run, in which the process of an online exam will be simulated, so that students can check whether there are any technical or other issues.

  • When? 04.06.2020, ca. 12:00 to 13:00 pm
  • What? Test run, in which the process of an online exam will be simulated. Participation is volunatry, but we highly recommend it!
  • Who? Students who plan to participate in the following exams during the Summer Term 2020: International Accounting, FSAV (retake exam), Accounting for M&A Transactions

You can find more detailed information on the test run in LSF and Moodle.


* The retake exam of Accounting & Finance is scheduled at end of July. We therefore kindly ask those students who only want to participate in this exam during the current semester to not participate in this test run.