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16. Münchener Forschungspreis für Wirtschaftsprüfung

The Munich Research Prize for Auditing (known as Münchener Forschungspreis für Wirtschaftsprüfung) was awarded for the fifteenth time by the Institute for Accounting, Auditing and Analysis together with Deloitte on December 12, 2018. The aim is to honor outstanding research achievements of (doctoral) students.

At the beginning, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Sellhorn, Director of the Institute, gave short insights into his research findings regarding the use of data analytics in corporate valuation.

Prof. Dr. Martin Plendl, CEO Deloitte, subsequently extended the link between theory and practice by presenting current developments in auditing, including digital transformation.

The award ceremony for the best scientific work was the highlight of the event. The following (doctoral) students were awarded for their excellent results:

Dr. Christian Stier, Winner of the category “Best Dissertation”
„Essays on fair value measurement“

Sophia Patzak, Winner of the category “Best Master Thesis”
„Finanzkommunikation in Zeiten hoher Unsicherheit – eine Befragung von Investor-Relations-Abteilungen”

Carina Brettschneider, Winner of the category “Best Bachelor Thesis”
„R&D Accounting discretion as an income smoothing tool: An empirical analysis of German listed companies “

All awards were sponsored by Deloitte. The financial support is supposed to create incentives for high-quality research in the future. In the end, all guests from science and practice had the opportunity to exchange views within a pleasant get-together.

16. Münchner Forschungspreis

(l. t. r.: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Sellhorn, Sophia Patzak, Carina Brettschneider, Dr. Christian Stier, Prof. Dr. Martin Plendl)