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2nd LMU Accounting, Auditing and Analysis Conference


On wednesday, July 18, 2018 the "1nd Accounting, Auditing and Analysis Conference" takes place as part of the 7th Doctoral Summer Program in Accounting Research (SPAR). The SPAR is a doctoral education initiative sponsored by the European Accounting Association and organized annually by the faculties of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management (Vallendar, Germany) and LMU Munich School of Management. The SPAR location alternates annually between Vallendar and Munich.

The Conference aims at promoting empirical research in financial reporting, as well as theoretical research that provides empirical testable predictions. As the Conference is an integral part of the SPAR, the interested audience will include SPAR doctoral students and SPAR faculty. Faculty members include

  • Edward J. Riedl, Boston University – School of Management, Boston, U.S.A.
  • Harm H. Schütt, LMU Munich School of Management, Munich, Germany
  • Thorsten Sellhorn, LMU Munich School of Management, Munich, Germany
  • Laurence Van Lent, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Frankfurt, Germany (Editor, The Accounting Review, and former Editor, European Accounting Review)
  • Andreas Barckow, President, German Accounting Standards Committee
  • Sven Hayn, Public Affairs & Regulatory Leader, Assurance Partner, EY.

Each paper will be assigned a dedicated discussant. The Conference is free, and all interested researchers are welcome to attend. We welcome submissions of rigorous original research papers that address research questions in all areas of financial reporting that are interesting and innovative to both, academics and practitioners.