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Guest lecture EY on "Revenue Recognition" and "The Digital Audit"

As part of the lecture International Accounting (B.Sc.) representatives of EY delivered a guest lecture on May 11th and May 12th 2020 on "Revenue Recognition under IFRS 15" and "Digital Audit of Revenue Recognitiot“. Dr. Philipp Gaenslen and Dr. Alexander Eisele (both Partner) as well as Tobias Ritzinger and Sanja Mitrovic (both Manager) held very interesting presentations. In the first guest lecture, they illustrated how revenue, a crucial indicator of corporate performance, is recognized, referring to hands-on examples from practice. The second lecture focused on the use of digital audit and data analytic tools that help to ensure a proper presentation of revenue in the financial reports of the clients. Students then solve in-class case studies and could interact with the EY speakers and their peers via polls in Zoom.

We want to thank the EY representatives once more for their flexibility and their commitment to hold two guest lectures during times of Corona!

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