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Guest Lecture by Dr. Lars Franken, Partner at IVC AG WPG, on "Business Valuation in 2030 - Small Humans and Big Data"

As part of the lecture "Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation", Dr. Lars Franken, Parter at IVC Independent Valuation and Consulting AG WPG, shared very interesting insights and thoughts about the future of corporate valuation.

During his presentation, he focused on the question how digitalization will change valuation in the next years. He lined out an enormous potential for change. Amongst others, he claimed that the valuation process will be much more focused on data analysis than today, while data gathering and presentation of results will become less relevant. Moreover, Dr. Franken argued that data science and artificial intelligence will become common tools and basic technology in the future.

We want to thank Dr. Franken once more for his very interesting presentation!

Dr. Lars Franken
Dr. Lars Franken, Partner at IVC AG WPG, during his presentation