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Guest Lecture by Dr. Philipp Gaenslen, Partner at EY, on "Financial Organization in Business Practice"

As a prelude to the year 2018, all participants of the the lecture “Unternehmensrechnung” (B.Sc.) were invited to the guest lecture on “Financial organization in business practice” by Dr. Philipp Gaenslen, Partner at EY.

At the beginning, Dr. Gaenslen gave quick insights into a CFO’s range of tasks and the essential aspects within a firm’s organizational setup. Furthermore, he illustrated financial processes and presented various reporting approaches. Because of the global expertise of EY, Dr. Gaenslen was also able to point out major impacts on business practice caused by digitalization. He explicitly mentioned the changes of competence requirements for involved parties.

The guest lecture opened up new perspectives and all participants got the opportunity to become familiar with one of the most renowned professional services firms. We would like to thank Dr. Gaenslen for this interesting lecture and wish him all the best.


Dr. Philipp Gaenslen

Dr. Philipp Gaenslen, Parter at EY, during his presentation