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Guest lecture by Andreas Emmert on “Modelling alongside the transaction cycle”

As an additional offer to the course “Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation” (B.Sc.), Mr. Andreas Emmert, Deal Advisory at KPMG, gave a lecture on “Modelling alongside the transaction cycle” at LMU Munich on November 28, 2017. He provided interesting insights into valuation business and illustrated the transaction cycle.

Mr. Emmert pointed out several steps within the transaction process and mentioned major challenges which affect valuation quality. Furthermore, he presented different valuation approaches as well as tailored analysis tools that are used by KPMG. The students benefited from numerous practical examples and constant references to the interfered lecture content. We would like to thank Mr. Emmert for his willingness and we wish him all the best.



(Andreas Emmert, Deal Advisory at KPMG Germany)