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Dear students,

on this page we present the courses we offer in the Bachelor and Master at the LMU. In addition to a video by Prof. Sellhorn, in which he describes the entire range of courses, you will find an overview of all our courses. In this overview you can see in which semesters the individual courses take place. If you want to get more detailed information about a course, you can do this by clicking on the respective course in the course overview. You will then be redirected to a profile of the respective course, where we provide general information (flyer + short video of Prof. Sellhorn) and information relevant for the current semester (LSF and Moodle link, registration deadlines in case of practical courses).

General Notice:
We have adjusted the sequence of our courses so that you can now take theoretical and practical courses "back-to-back" in both the Bachelor and the Master (especially in the 4th and 5th semester of the Bachelor and the 2nd and 3rd semester of the Master). In the first half of the semester you can learn the theoretical basics and then apply and deepen them in the second half of the semester in the classes of our practical partners!